Welcome to my new website, KrystalHeath.com!

Having had multiple blogs over the past few years, the time has come to begin combining them all into one (hopefully) easy-to-use, easy-to-remember site. (For those of you who have followed or accessed my blogs in the past, they will remain active.) Be sure to head over to the "About" page for more site start up info...

AND, I can think of no better way to unveil my new site to the world
than with an exciting announcement!

Calm down, I'm not getting married. Ok, now that we have that out of the way...

God has richly blessed me with a 40% scholarship on a Bible lands study trip this September to Egypt, Jordan and Israel. I am more than excited to see what great things God will reveal as our group traverses the lands of the patriarchs and fathers of our faith!

Here's a glimpse of what it will be like and the group I'll be traveling with:

Not for the faint of heart, this trip is a virtual hike of the Exodus route and into Israel. We will be rising early to hike many miles of the terrain of the Bible, studying as we go, straining our muscles while with our hearts we seek God in the Holy Land. (In fact, we have a suggested exercise program to prepare ourselves for the journey! Please note, however, that we will NOT be hiking the actual entire route from Egypt to Israel. ;-)

As I contemplated this excursion, I sought the Lord on if this was a path He'd have me walk at this time. Inspired by Jonathan's conquering of the Philistine garrison, I laid clear steps for determining the Lord's Will, making it as hard as I thought I could... ie., My boss would give me even more time off, Rose would be able to go, we would BOTH get the highest scholarships available, and our families would be fully supportive. Frankly, I was pretty sure this couldn't possibly all happen.

But it has. God has made this journey unquestionably clear.

I ask that you would please keep our team in your prayers as we complete the physical, financial, spiritual, and governmental requirements for this trip. If you would like more information on my scholarship or the trip financial aspects, please click here.

May God bless you.... and stay tuned for pictures and posts from the Middle East this fall!

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